How do I get started using a Wiki?Start_spot_grn.jpg

1. Watch a video that gives you an idea of how Wiki's work "Wikis in Plain English"

2. Choose your Wiki provider. They all offer slightly different services so you'll have to choose one that suites your needs.
Below is a partial list of Wiki providers:
Atlassian Confluence

3. Sign-up for your wiki and invite members to join.

For our Wiki we decided to use Wikispaces

  • To create this wiki we began by creating the type of space that would suit our purposes
  • In this case, we chose Protected. This option is viewable by all people, but can only be edited by members.

Did you know? ... As an educator K-12, you can select a "Private" wiki. It is free when used for educational purposes only.
As you become more comfortable in using this type of space, we encourage you to Create a Private page to further explore the potential of this technology.

Three Types of Wikis on Wikispaces
Public (everybody can view and edit)
Protected (everybody can view, only members may edit )
Private (only members may view and edit)

Go this Ottawa-Carleton District School Board link to see their presentation on wikis in the classroom.