classroom.jpgHow can a wiki be used in the classroom?

  • post homework (lock the page to prevent unwanted deletions)
  • communicate with parents
  • create a forum for discussion with students
  • monitor collaborative group work
  • post student exemplars and student work
  • review tool (e.g. provide a list of important terminology - students then elaborate on the list to create a powerful, comprehensive tool of shared knowledge within the classroom)
  • teachers and classmates can correct, improve, and discuss their work
  • group members can discuss and organize collaboratively
  • summary of important concepts or lessons can be posted to the Wiki for future review
  • can be used at the primary, intermediate and senior levels for activities, such as collaborative story telling, poem writing, and group coursework

Curriculum links

Wikis can be used for collaborative or individual work in all subject areas. Below are a few examples of how you might use a wiki in the classroom

Math: posting solutions to homework or more difficult problems, forum for conducting data management surveys, collaborative problem solving
Social Studies: a mock history debate about the benefits/drawbacks of confederation, a travel brochure for a particular country, a 'virtual' tour of your school and community

Science: developing a collaborative science experiment, creating a book about a famous scientist, defining important terminology, compiling observations from experiments
Art & Music: analysis of song lyrics or artwork
Language: co-writing/editing activities, analysis of media (i.e. print ads), poetry writing and analysis,discussions about current events

Sample Grade 8 Current Events Project

Here are a few more sites that provide information about how to use wikis in the classroom.

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